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Our free resource of support,
knowledge and continuing education
for the bilingual Montessori community

Video Conference

Watch Community Conversations, an archive of discussions between invited guests sharing particular expertise with attendees from our regular live on-line events. Or view our Webinars to gain insights and knowledge from our contributing experts.  

Book on Table

The Building Bilingual Programs Field Guide and Companion Course will provide detailed guidance for Montessori schools and teachers to support them in this rapidly changing educational field.

Typing on Computer


In this regular blog series, practitioners share their experiences and views from the ever changing field of bilingual Montessori education.

Working with Laptops

Useful links to external resources and organisations active in the field of bi- and multilingual education.


Our Community Conversations and Webinars are also available as convenient audio files, ideal for listening when you don't have access or time to watch our video recordings.

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