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The Building Bilingual Programs
Field Guide & Companion Course

The Field Guide & Companion Course

Join us for a course that offers educational professionals a path to child-centered sustainable school cultures for Building Successful Bilingual Elementary Programs inspired by Montessori practices.

This pilot course is funded by the European Union. It is granted for free to those interested that meet the course requirements. Please complete the questionnaire if you would like to join us! 

This course is designed and run by the team of Bilingual Montessori led by Marikay McCabe.

Many of us
have experienced
the following:

  • Being clear about what second language goals we want to achieve at our school, but not being clear about how to achieve them.

  • Creating long to do lists with tasks that should improve our language curriculum, but not being sure where to start.

  • Feeling alone and isolated from others that are trying to answer the same questions as we are at our school.

By joining us for the Companion Course, you will:

  • get an overview of all aspects that need to be in place in order to have a strong second language program in your 6-12 environment


  • you will feel you are making progress in bringing your second language program to the next level

  • clarify the areas you want to work on and be confident that they are the right ones for your school to be focusing on now

You will
also experience:

  • connecting with others that are facing the same challenges as you


  • a unique opportunity where three perspectives on bilingual school programs meet, discuss and share their experiences 

  • becoming part of a community that is open to sharing ideas and inspiration that is aligned with current research on second language acquisition

  • being inspired about how to satisfy the needs of second language acquisition and the Montessori principles

For more detailed information

about the course,  please

follow this link. 

If you know you are interested, please

complete this questionnaire to be

considered for participation. 

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