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No. 1: Launching our Project


Dear Montessori colleagues around the world,

It is with great happiness that we announce the launch of the “Bilingual Montessori” project.

Many of you still remember the groundbreaking talk by Dr. Marikay McCabe at the Lead Montessori conference on building bilingual schools. Many of you expressed that you need more support in this area, and that is why we applied for financial support with the Erasmus agency. And! The funding was granted to us!

During a period of 3 years, an international team of experts will create a methodology on how to build bilingual Montessori programs in Elementary schools for school administrators, Montessori guides, and ESL teachers.

All outcomes of this project will be accessible free of charge for everyone. The website of the project is coming soon.

In the meantime, we will send a monthly newsletter to everyone who will sign up here. We will be happy if you share this email with your colleagues who may be interested to be informed about the project work.

Having said that, we would like to invite you to one of the first Bilingual Montessori events!

Join us for a Series of Online Fishbowl Discussions: The Basics of Bilingual Montessori with AMI Trainers and an international panel of experts from the field.

Topics of sessions will be:

April 11, 2022: Introduction to the Basics of Bilingual Education: Terminology and Basic Concepts With Aoife Ahern, Professor at the School of Education, Complutense University of Madrid


April 25, 2022: Principles of Bilingual Education in the Age Group 0-3 With Heidi Philippart, AMI 0-3 Trainer


May 9, 2022

Principles of Bilingual Education in the Age Group 3-6

With Teng-Chien Yu, AMI 3-6 Trainer



May 23, 2022

Principles of Bilingual Education in the Age Group 6-12With Kyla Morenz, AMI 6-12 Trainer

In each session, there will be a talk led by the main speaker, followed by a panel discussion with specialists: Dr.Marikay McCabe, Mgr.Lucie Urbančíková, MA.Maria Smirnova and MA.Lucy Welsted.

And, if you wish to join our growing Bilingual Montessori FB community, you can do so here. We want to thank all partner schools for your support of this project. In the coming weeks, we will be in touch about how you can further participate.

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No. 1: Launching our Project
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